Pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks

Check the Pregnancy Symptoms at 4 Weeks

pregnancy symptoms week by week

Detecting the early signs of pregnancy is not that hard to feel but sometimes women just do not realize because the signs or symptoms just the same as the PMS that happens to lots of women. Sometimes woman doesn’t know that she is pregnant as it is hard to track the pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks only. Four weeks or just a month is too early and for you who want to have baby, you should be very careful in treating yourself. When you get a late period, it doesn’t mean that you are pregnant though. It could be just a late because of your body has so many activities to do and ruin the regular date of your period. But you also might get pregnant and you should know the symptoms that you feel on your body to get to know whether you are pregnant or not. Sometimes the symptoms are just the same as the PMS or premenstrual syndrome. But sure there are some differences between them and this is what you need to check.

There are so many things that will happen to women who are pregnant in early weeks. When we get PMS, sometimes we do have problem with the sore or tender breasts. It also happens in early weeks of pregnancy. You will feel and maybe see the difference or the size of your breasts as it will get fuller and some people think it’s sexy. The progesterone and the estrogen cause this happens to your breasts as it makes your breasts ready to feed your baby. Then the moody feeling or swinging mood is also one of the symptoms of pregnancy just like PMS. Your hormones are the cause of this thing and sure you will feel like a roller-coaster as your mood can easily change from this to that. More about pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks, some women really had bad nausea and a bit of cramp on the stomach. Those are the symptoms that usually happen to women who are pregnant in early weeks and sure this can be handled as well.

It is good to check yourself by using the pregnancy test or you may want to see doctor for the more accurate result. This is just very important as it will be able to give the accurate result of the pregnancy symptoms at 4 weeks. Just go for it and you’ll enjoy your pregnancy if you know how to work with it.

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